Add a new group leader and create and assign them to a new group [Project Leader task]

1. Enroll the group leader

  • Add new user (User > Add new)
    • Username (FirstName_LastName, ie John_Doe)
    • Email address
    • First Name
    • Last name
    • Role = Group Leader (this is important!)
  • An automatic email will be sent out from the system to the email address of the group leader. They can then complete registration by clicking on the link on the email, to set up a password.
    • The username is in the email (keep the email safe, in case it’s needed later), or the email address can also be used to login (instead of username).
    • If the registration email goes into the junk box, mark is as not being junk (see other FAQ topic for help with emails that go into junk boxes, and how to stop this happening). In Outlook desktop software, you can right-click > Junk > Never Block Sender.
  • You can check the user has been registered on the system by going to “Users” and then using the search box or filter

2. Create the group

  • Groups (LearnDash LMS) > Add new
  • In the title box, add the group name in this format: [HighSchoolName]_[YearOfEnrollment],ie…
    • ObanHighSchool_2019
    • CullodenAcademy_2019
    • GrantownGrammarSchool_2019

3. Assign the group to the course

  • Under “Group Courses” heading, select “Work Experience Health & Safety Awareness” (the only course available) and assign the group to the course by pressing the arrow pointing right [fig 1]
Fig. 1


4. Assign the group leader to the course

  • This is the group leader you added in step 1.
  • Highlight the group leader and press the arrow right to assign them to the group (same as step 3, above).
  • Ignore the section “Group Users” (users will be added via CSV upload method).
  • Press “publish” to save.
    • Note: You may need t press this twice as WordPress asks if you’d like to double check your settings sometimes.

5. Find out the group ID

  • Go to “Groups” and take note of the ID of the new group you just added [fig. 2]. The group number is on the far right column.
  • Save this number, you will need it for adding the students  (the number will be added into the CSV file, and will tell the system what group to add the students to).
  • To add students to the group, follow the next FAQ topic “Enroll groups of students”.
Group ID
Fig . 2